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have you ever felt anything “before the sunrise” ?

this afternoon i decided i wanted to watch for the second time, Richard Linklater’s “before sunrise”. I had inner motives due to a certain resemblance to some of my own experiences.

I just want to point out only a few things about this beautiful yet simple and taciturn movie.I regard it such a genuinely realistic movie, with characters so alive that you can easily relate to (i mean if you are a thinking person yourself), so true, people with inner questions, with existential feelings of the age of 20-23.

I relate to that kind of characters, and i feel that the movie industry of our days is so full of fake models, deliberately promoting a numb, egocentric and overconsuming world where the only meaning is taking selfies, looking fab, “booty-calling” and all this non-sense bullshits. How can anyone walk a decent, inspiring and honorable life if being surrounded by all this false models?

The love, the feelings between them so true, genuine, you can watch the intimacy raising and raising, giving you an insight and real hope about what love at first sight really looks like. And then, are you sad when it finishes?

Do you feel pity for them? I don’t! Why would I ever feel pity about two people driven by their insticts and their insights (aka following their hearts) having spent a memorable night in a European capital. It doesn’t matter it is Vienna…and not Barcelona, Paris or Berlin! What matters are the people, their words, the glances one gives to the other.

Lets hope you are so lucky as to experience that once in your lifetime!

-as for me, i have already been lucky myself!