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civic engagement of the arts & culture

source: arts and culture strategy by Peter Frumkin, Mrs. Russell Wills Taylor

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the meaning of life, motivation given

Guys i feel so fucking frustrated about life-future-job-money-carreer. I can’t say that this video made my worries any easier but it did give the whole thing a good perspective: What will i feel about myself and my accomplishments when I am an old wrinkled grandmother? It puts you in a correct thought-lane i can say.… Continue reading the meaning of life, motivation given

every day wonders

hypocritical maybe, yet honest thoughts about facebook

i myself do have facebook but this does not change how i feel about it or what kind of psychology i think it provokes.


Christo Dagorov – Lips

i feel so blessed these days discovering all this awesome art. My inspiration hits the sky!! check out my latest discovery!


Ethio Jazz

new york-addis- london: the story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 #Mulatu Astatke  totally impressed and overwhelmed

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late night thoughts

it’s just that we are raised being asked one question: what are you going to become when you grow up? One would imagine that a more appropriate question would be  “are you happy?”, “do you enjoy your life?” but no! As long as i remember myself the question was always about my future and my… Continue reading late night thoughts


The centre of the Heart nebula

IC1805 (The centre of the Heart nebula) in mono by Sara Wager on Flickr. Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo:

World gone bad

mexico 2014 un-humanity

Momento en el que recibe disparo el dueño de vivi…:

every day wonders

thinking afternoons

when my thoughts are overwhelming and when i just need a break from everything and everyone i come down here. We call this place “πεζούλια” (you could pronounce it “pezulia”). how many conversations alone or with my closest friends have i done here?! 👌


How sugar affects the brain – Nicole Avena

all your questions solved:

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recent site discovery and totally overwhelmed by that

so ….sorry everyone for disappearing… but i had a reason. I come back with ART FUCKS ME, an art site so fucking awesome. The operator has done a really impressive job collecting artists-hype-right now. I will enclose a real extreme post with extreme, sexual content. So, 18- do not open it or do, it’s up… Continue reading recent site discovery and totally overwhelmed by that