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civic engagement of the arts & culture

source: arts and culture strategy by Peter Frumkin, Mrs. Russell Wills Taylor

every day wonders

the meaning of life, motivation given

Guys i feel so fucking frustrated about life-future-job-money-carreer. I can’t say that this video made my worries any easier but it did give the whole thing a good perspective: What will i feel about myself and my accomplishments when I am an old wrinkled grandmother? It puts you in a correct thought-lane i can say.… Continue reading the meaning of life, motivation given

every day wonders

hypocritical maybe, yet honest thoughts about facebook

i myself do have facebook but this does not change how i feel about it or what kind of psychology i think it provokes.


Christo Dagorov – Lips

i feel so blessed these days discovering all this awesome art. My inspiration hits the sky!! check out my latest discovery!


Ethio Jazz

new york-addis- london: the story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 #Mulatu Astatke  totally impressed and overwhelmed

every day wonders

late night thoughts

it’s just that we are raised being asked one question: what are you going to become when you grow up? One would imagine that a more appropriate question would be  “are you happy?”, “do you enjoy your life?” but no! As long as i remember myself the question was always about my future and my… Continue reading late night thoughts