every day wonders

late night thoughts

it’s just that we are raised being asked one question: what are you going to become when you grow up? One would imagine that a more appropriate question would be  “are you happy?”, “do you enjoy your life?” but no! As long as i remember myself the question was always about my future and my future self. I remember I kind of avoided to answer this question, because it seemed too serious for my own tastes but then. …Tadaaan! The days have passed and the future is now. But you kind of wish you had more time to do things different or all over again. More time to even be different yourself! And here lays a fraud!  A misconception of modern societies: everyone will reassure you that you don’t have to worry about time or about anything at all because you are too young and you can change anything and create you own path in life but, haha the BIG BUT! Societies, more specifically human societies are formed with a clear timeline. So, by certain ages you must have fulfilled certain achievements so that you can go on to the next level.  Consider it a video game where you must have completed a level in order to move to the next one. So, then when you start to realise everything. .all this little life trivia, then the game gets nasty and depressing…
Not only for your life…but for the lives of the others as well. Do you ever think about how many people live a life completely different than what they had planned just because they have to? Or people born poor or born in “3rd world” countries. One could locate a vanity , a certain cynicism or even sarcasm in the way the things are formed.
How do you un – trap yourself and how do you evolve and live this short amount of time, called life, in a way you will not regret if?

*food for thought