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As lost as you are

The name of this blog is and seems that will be ever lasting…

How many times each day do i still feel lost? How big is the world, how small yet so significant is our existence? Must we seek happiness or must we seek the devil that brings happiness: money?

When is the right time to break free? Why break free?

Anyways, lately a lot have changed regarding the definition of myself, but i am still as lost as you are! Maybe even more!

I seek pleasure in bike rides, in the quiet town on midnight, observing people, enjoying summer, playing and creating with little people…and then i say that in a sense this is happiness for me right now.

quiet lights on Sava
serenity is in the moment-my capture on a journey i had

Happiness is in the moment (as simple as that might seem: it is the only advice i can give).

Plus overthinking (also the blog’s previous name “the overthinker’s project”) is not what i would advise anymore, because it is something that aims in the future, but the future is so far away and so impersonal, so why must one invest on it?

Thinking, on the other hand is not bad at all! When thinking, try to think on the time being, do not jump forward! It is quite beneficial being familiar with the really nature of your surroundings. You must discover by yourself the ugliness and unequal nature of reality. You must discover how unimportant you are regarded by those in charge. You must discover that the dark areas of the world we’ ve been born in , are there on purpose and that the rich and powerful will go across countless unjustice roads to keep them the way they are.

Knowledge is a gift…taking into consideration that we possess as much as we can handle…