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The illusion of happiness

alternative title: Happiness through rules 


I am old enough to put such a heavy title but also a little too young to support it! Anyway, i will go with it!

 Lately, it has been really bugging me whether or not i am really happy! When someone is dealing with such indefinite questions, he/she needs to have  some defaults in order to compare, doesn’t he?

Since, the beginning of our lives defaults are being planted inside us…criteria we must reach, abilities we have to obtain, the musts and must/nots! Happiness exists only when compared! We make comparison a way of life, societies blossom through comparison and homogeneity

East should resemble West! Blacks should resemble Whites! Girls must be that, Boys must be that! Women must behave as…, Men must behave us… Success is defined by…, Failure is equivalent to…

Rules are essential to your happiness! This is what you have been taught…

You have to be perfect or nothing!

You have to be everything or nothing!

You have to be happy or nothing!


Happiness is a social equation, what i am talking about is no quantum physics! Society, unlike quantum physics, aims for the specific, aims to form behaviors and norms in order to function! Society aka The world aka Die Welt aka Cosmos through the human narrowing eyes defines happiness as a set of actions you must have properly completed, so as to feel succesful, socially approved and able to sleep lightly at night, because rules keep us happy, rules not chaos keep society happy and calm!

You are happy, you are happy, whisper it! How does it feel? Is it true? Is it you? Does “you” complete you?

Ohhh, now you must feel lost! Do you?

. . .