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when you awaken, you shall uprise

My original thought is that I liked to write this article in greek. I will go against this will because I want my message to come across to as many as possible.

I don’t remember how many months ago did I write something. I’ ve been consumed by the so-called reality lately. I am an Alice myself and I am starting to discover what the adult world is all about. I don’t speak about public relations, relationships, sex and emotional instabilities… of course all these are just the tip of the iceberg so that people do not get lunatic because of the true nature of their everyday life. The adult world I am in position of exploring right now, is part of the iceberg down from the sea level.


I am exploring the true nature of labor. OK, OF COURSE it is full of shit, the thing I don’t understand is why does not anyone care about it. Why is not anyone opposing or seem even slightly upset?

My experience summed up includes everyday 8-12 hours of labor without a weekend break, without any kind of break. Every second month when the month has 30 instead of 29 days, you can take a day-off. When the month has 29 days you can still take a day off although that will be omitted by your monthly salary. The duration of this kind of labor is 6 months, during which one must put his /her life and existence aside in order to be a good tool for the labor market. Perhaps, Charlie Chaplin is nowadays even more accurate than ever. You are a gear to the fulfilment of interests of people who you have never met nor will you. You lose your life, health and dignity and consider yourself a gear so that other people get rich and perpetuate this situation for their one good.


I made these realisations from the first moment I entered this space of work. Since then I try to understand why are we so few the ones that get irritated by the situation? I don’t understand why do people let this situation continue with their consent and do not rebel against it? IF i am the only one revolving, then there cannot be any revolution.

Why do we consider ourselves consumable? Why are we OK with that? Why do we find it usual and ordinary to sleep, eat, work and repeat? 

We are at the most advance era of human intellectual however we cannot protect one thing: ourselves! How long will it take to change our consciousness and face up with the fact that it is not normal for some to blossom on the backs of so many billions that wither! How long will it take to ask a present of equality, of mutual respect and zero exploitation?

Why is it that you have to pay every minute on earth with your labor? These rules were set by our ancestors but we have evolved since! We speak of third word! If you have not been born with a 1.000.000 heritage believe me you are part of the third world. The whole world except some families are part of the third world. 


So why do we let that happen? Let’s all think something simple. We are born free! The first moments of our earth existence we are BORN FREE. This is a fact and no-one can take that away. Every newborn is equal, however when we grow up we treat ourself as superior or inferior to others because the system made us comply with that. This results to selling ourselves, our precious time , in return the pay us 3 euros per hour.

I don’t want to belong to anyone! I DON’T want to sell myself and time to anyone! I want to keep my time to myself and do whatever I want to do with every minute of my earthly experience!

My big wish is that we can all wake up and face this situation! The next step is to change it!

In order to keep yourself awake you need to keep a distance for all the new-age consumption trends. Everything you currently thing is good for you! It is 100% the worse for you. What does the commodity society command you?

  1. buy goods
  2. post everything on the social media
  3. wear model-like make up
  4. have sex
  5. have heartbreaking relationships
  6.  be always unsatisfied with your relationships
  7. live a soap-opera life
  8. smoke cigarettes
  9. do drugs
  10. be perfect
  11. exercise as a trend

This is not an absolute list, but you will agree that it complies with some of the most popular activities on earth currently.

Small steps of change are enough! Just change anything that feels better changed! Spot the things that don’t make you happy and change them! You have an inner compass inside of you! We all have it, it is just that none taught us how to use it!

All the system ever taught us is how to reflectively react to everything. How to grow up wanting to be a type of persona that serves better the consumption system!

Be whoever you want! Just be real! Speak of the injustice! Speak of the truth! Turn down the exploitation!


Wake yourself up and discover yourself! 

In order to change the exploitation and the forced imprisonment in our lives, it is a good idea to start support each other!

We are one! And we can certainly protect each other!