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New age Martyr You (inspired by Pascal Laugier’s homonym thriller)

Mάρτυρας αρσενικό ή θηλυκό (from the greek word μάρτυρας derives the english Martyrs)
1. που ακούει ή βλέπει κάτι τη στιγμή που αυτό γίνεται/ someone who sees or hears sth the time that it is taking place.
αυτόπτης μάρτυρας
μπορώ να σου το διαβεβαιώσω, ήμουν μάρτυρας
2. που παρουσιάζεται σε ένα δικαστήριο για να δώσει πληροφορίες πάνω σε ένα θέμα/ a witness on a court of law

3. που βασανίστηκε ή και θανατώθηκε για τις πεποιθήσεις του/ someone who was tortured and/or killed for his/her beliefs
o (κατ’ επέκταση) που ζει μέσα σε ταλαιπωρίες
4. (εσφαλμένα) παθητικός μάρτυρας, άμαχος που πέθανε τυχαία ως παράπλευρη απώλεια και οι συγγενείς του χρησιμοποιούν τιμητικά την λέξη μάρτυρας χωρίς να υπονοούν έστω σαφώς την σημασία της/ (incorrectly) someone who was a bystander witness, civilian who accidentally died as a collateral damage and relatives use the word honorary witness without even clearly suggesting the importance of it.

Something like 9 months i was hanging out at a friend’s house trying to watch a movie. The host had chosen the movie and it was called MARTYRS.  After around 40 minutes of watching the movie, i gave up trying to endure all the violence and inhumanity depicted on the movie, and i announced to my friends that i was leaving , and that this movie, even at its very beginning made me sick and mad about the atrocities of the human race and that i could not understand how could someone possibly want to watch such a movie. I know they thought i was overreacting or that is was too soft, too naive, but i explained to everyone separately the next day and I do believe that they did understand my percpective: it was simple…i just didn’t want to pollute my mind and my soul with violence (an honest manifestation of evil), my psyche was offended every second by this spectacle.

Because I was curious though, when I returned home I searched on Wikipedia a written script of the movie, so that I could find out the end , and maybe understand the reason of such a movie existing. That night a question was raised , which of course I dismissed as useless due to its origin and nature.

However, today as I was searching for the best french movies of the decade, and I stumbled upon Martyrs at the top 10, the question returned.

The question was: what did Anna tell Mademoisselle that made her kill herself, or else, why did mademoiselle kill herself?

The aim of this post is not to give an answer on what Anna said to Mademoisselle.I think that nobody can possibly imagine what she said, not if you are not inside Pascal Laugier’s mind, and quite frankly I do believe that it was not his intention to answer that. I believe that the director wanted to put the viewer under such a big emotional pressure, especially the fans of this genre (because you do understand that an average viewer would not even come close to this movie) , for a grand reason. Through this movie , he made every viewer a martyr. We are martyrs of many ferocities and cruelty deriving from the human greedy and insatiable nature from the very beginning. We are used to all these- televisions are open 24h/7 inside every maison and they are broadcasting non-stop monstrosities.

 Marshall MacLuhan had reported that by the age of 6 the average child in the U.S. has watched 5000 hours of television and by the age of 18 has watched fully 19000 hours of television. In addition, the average 18yo in the U.S. only has viewed 200,000 seperate acts of violence on t.v. including 40,000 murders. And imagine that this data are old, before the social media age, and the new manifestations of media in general. We are withnesses through the media of a world manifestated as pure violent, unhappy, and evil. Supporters of the cultivation theory even say that television specifically portrays the world as more violent and dangerous as it really is. This is exactly the same as a vaccine, through artificial methods (media),  cultivate a modern man lacking any sensitivity, resistent to every manifestation of cruelty of evil. Wars happen, men are killed, children are drown in the middle of Aegean Sea, whole nations are made to leave they homelands, and we are all bystanders (one of martyrs meaning in greek language). Man’s greed prevailing.

In the process of explaining Pascal Laugier’s aim for this movie I would say that he is trying to challenge viewers sensitivity, in a sense of ” Hey, how can you watch this movie without vomitting, seriously what is wrong with you, how can you handle of this amount of raw violence, and human immorality”. He challenges viewers, he mocks them. What he has created is a WAKE UP CALL.

He wakes up our sensitivity and at the same time he exposes one of the biggest human weaknesses : GREED. We always want to know more. We always want to explain everything but our highest goal is to explain death. We want to explain death, to delay death, because we deny death. We are so selfish and self-absorbed that we cannot accept our own death. This movie proves that in order to solve the highest mystery of all, DEATH, man will walk through unsacred ground, commit monstrosities without any guilt, because the well know ” The end justifies the means” is raised above all.

human curiousness in fairytale culture

You do not have to search far away, the evidence are in front of you, the vaccines, the lab experiments, people and animals treated like lab rats, life is turned into an experiment of rich people trying to reach immortality.

” The end justifies the means”, is the relaxing pill for the prevailing elite who domineer the rest of humanity. We have lost the true meaning of life searching for the unsolved, looking at the unknown and not living, not letting go.

Anna had to let go of herself on earth, se had to free herself from the abjection of modern humanity: Anna could accept death, could forgive her assaulters because she had raised above the enslaving human weaknesses.


Though I will not be ever able to watch this movie as a whole, I acknowledge and salute the director’s aim.

This movie is strong and it is unique…