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New age Martyr You (inspired by Pascal Laugier’s homonym thriller)

Marshall MacLuhan had reported that by the age of 18yo in the U.S. only has viewed 200,000 seperate acts of violence on t.v. including 40,000 murders
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Coda: A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. Death finds him and shows him many things.

so many emotions are evoked by this short animated clip. Take a look

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pieces of inspiration before 2014 kills itself

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lust .me .ma love

Some people know what love-passion-lust feels like. I pity the rest.

created by: Salar Kheradpejouh

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the unknown locke

hey mates!

long time, due to free-time activities overpowering my life.

Two recommendations for you:

uno: i think you must give yourselves a chance to enjoy Dillon’s 2014 album:

duo: in the same logic watch for your own pleasure a movie that missed my radar for one year but finally managed to pop up. I’ m talking about Locke (2013). A movie taking place inside a car the whole time, proving that childhood traumas can hunt as for ever and ever, speaking about stability-instability, right and wrong, logic and emotion. Don’t wanna miss that!


La Grande Belleza (2013)

Director: Paolo Sorrentino Writers: Paolo Sorrentino, Umberto Contanello Cast: Toni Servillo- Jep Gambardella(πρωταγωνιστής) Πρώτη προβολή: 21/5/2013 Μουσική: Lele Marchitelli Βραβεία: 66ο Φεστιβάλ Καννών, απέσπασε Όσκαρ, Χρυσή Σφαίρα, Βραβείο BAFTA καλύτερης ξενόγλωσσης ταινίας Έξοδα παραγωγής: 9,2 εκατομμύρια “Travel is useful, it exercises the imagination. All the rest is disappointment and fatique. Our journey is entirely imaginary.… Continue reading La Grande Belleza (2013)

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have you ever felt anything “before the sunrise” ?

this afternoon i decided i wanted to watch for the second time, Richard Linklater’s “before sunrise”. I had inner motives due to a certain resemblance to some of my own experiences. I just want to point out only a few things about this beautiful yet simple and taciturn movie.I regard it such a genuinely realistic… Continue reading have you ever felt anything “before the sunrise” ?


laurence anyways

what a really really incredible movie, thanks to Xavier Dolan! check the trailer and soon enough i bet you ll watch it :