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The Demon Diaries by Parov Stelar (2015)

Guys for goodnight i have the greatest gift! A musical gift… coming from Parov Stelar who have made their miracle  for once more! So embrace their new work: The Demon Diaries, which consists of two albums (yeah!). My favorite one is the second but i am sure each one of you will find his/her place… Continue reading The Demon Diaries by Parov Stelar (2015)

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hey, what if i told you that you could experience music spiritually? o:)

the whole album of this track…Immunity on spotify :

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once again sebastien tellier

ok guys i am so sorry that i am posting tellier’s tracks lately but honestly he has become a beautiful escape from reality for me. So, i just can’t help it but share my happiness with all of you and just drag you with me at the paradise i am escaping to. a bientot ❤… Continue reading once again sebastien tellier


le superb sebastien tellier

i absolutely love this song. jE T’ adore!!!

  1. Album: My God is Blue
  2. Release Date: 2012


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let ’em drink, let ’em smoke, let ’em HIDE

Leon Tolstoy had once wondered about why do people want to stupify themselves? Why do you seek alcohol, pot, LSD, shrooms, or anything your imagination is able to reach? Why is that even more intense during holidays-fests-vacations? His thoughts path lead him into making the conclusion that WE-humans try to forget, try to hide from… Continue reading let ’em drink, let ’em smoke, let ’em HIDE

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sonic youth- goo

First hearing: sonic youth-goo. Am i too old for these shit? Na, don’t ta think so! Their sound is breaking my walls and setting me free, LIKE the soundtrack of “you breaking your daily routine”. Try them out. Might suit you! cheers, lovers!