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New age Martyr You (inspired by Pascal Laugier’s homonym thriller)

Marshall MacLuhan had reported that by the age of 18yo in the U.S. only has viewed 200,000 seperate acts of violence on t.v. including 40,000 murders
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when you awaken, you shall uprise

Let’s all think something simple. We are born free! The first moments of our earth existence we are BORN FREE. This is a fact and no-one can take that away. Every newborn is equal, however when we grow up we treat ourself as superior or inferior to others because the system made us comply with that. This results to selling ourselves, our precious time , in return the pay us 3 euros per hour.

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The illusion of happiness

Happiness exists only when compared! We make comparison a way of life, societies blossom through comparison and homogeneity..
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Η πράξη από την απραξία απέχει μόνο μια ανάσα

Το να μένεις στάσιμος και αδρανής είναι ή δίνει την εντύπωση ότι αποτελεί πράξη. Νομίζεις πως σκεπτόμενος πράττεις αλλά σκεπτόμενος απλά υπάρχεις. Δεν αλλάζει η κατάσταση σου. Απλά συνεχίζεις να ζεις, τα κύτταρα συνεχίζουν να αποσυντίθεται.