World gone bad

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Such a simple idea of man substituting for objects, can guide you to great conclusions.

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As lost as you are

The name of this blog is and seems that will be ever lasting… How many times each day do i still feel lost? How big is the world, how small yet so significant is our existence? Must we seek happiness or must we seek the devil that brings happiness: money? When is the right time… Continue reading As lost as you are

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Επιλέξτε τον σωστό ερωτικό σύντροφο

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tinder tinder little fake god of love

“Έλα μην ντρέπεσαι, παραδέξου το, εσύ κοπελιά συνήθως ντύνεσαι για να αρέσεις και εσύ ρε φίλε βάζεις τόση κολώνια πάλι για να αρέσεις! Δηλαδή τί τώρα? Μεγάλα παιδιά είμαστε…πρέπει να κοροϊδευόμαστε αναμεταξύ μας?!”.

every day wonders

bored? solution:

watch movies a lot of them. And books read books. A lot of them.

today i vote to watch : GEGEN DIE WAND ( HEAD-ON) – Trailer ( 2004 ):

& to listen: Abwärts – Beim ersten mal tut’s immer weh:

less bored now, ha? 😆

every day wonders

everyday the same shit. 21:00. I am feeling lonely. 22:00 the same. I wait logged in on facebook, skype, i am alone. No such a thing exists as real communication. 23:00 i am lonely. Alone. Why is it at night that you feel it? The void? Die alone thing. I had you at least we talked online. 24:00 i am lonely. 01:00 alone.