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A 5th element

A fluid. Water. Sea spreading everywhere. Oh God! What a bliss! Undefined. No need to define. I believe this is us! Μια θάλασσα και μία σταγόνα της θάλασσας, ένα κύμα, ένας παφλασμός! Ένα στοιχείο το οποίο μπορεί αν το αφήσεις να πάρει οποιαδήποτε μορφή. Υγρή-στερεή και αέρια. Ιδανικά, όμως είναι υγρό. Με τις ανάλογες αλλαγές… Continue reading A 5th element

every day wonders

late night thoughts

it’s just that we are raised being asked one question: what are you going to become when you grow up? One would imagine that a more appropriate question would be  “are you happy?”, “do you enjoy your life?” but no! As long as i remember myself the question was always about my future and my… Continue reading late night thoughts