About monogamy- W.Reich

(ελ) Η μονογαμία γεννήθηκε από την συγκέντρωση πλούτου στα χέρια ενός ανθρώπου ή όπως το περιγράφει ο Ένγκελς, από την ανάγκη “να μεταβιβαστεί αυτός ο πλούτος στα παιδιά του ανθρώπου και σε κανένα άλλο”. (en) Monogamy was born from the concentration of wealth in the hands of a human or as described by Engels, by… Continue reading About monogamy- W.Reich

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have you ever felt anything “before the sunrise” ?

this afternoon i decided i wanted to watch for the second time, Richard Linklater’s “before sunrise”. I had inner motives due to a certain resemblance to some of my own experiences. I just want to point out only a few things about this beautiful yet simple and taciturn movie.I regard it such a genuinely realistic… Continue reading have you ever felt anything “before the sunrise” ?